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Election Day

The Sun Says

The chance you mustn't waste

YOU only get to vote in a General Election about 15 times in your life.

That’s what a precious commodity you have in your hands today.

It is vital that you use it.

The democratic process is crucial in maintaining the checks and balances on those who rule us. But it is badly weakened if apathy reigns.

Make sure you vote today.

Vote for anyone (well, not the extremist Lib Dems) because contrary to what the moaners claim, your vote DOES count.

Vote for whoever you believe will do the best for you and for the country (that rules out the Lib Dems straight away).

The Sun has very carefully considered the policies of the main parties and analysed the record of Tony Blair and Labour over the past eight years.

We have assessed the potential of the Tory policies and the strength of Michael Howard’s team.

Frankly, we can understand why so many people are confused and say politicians are all the same (apart from the Lib Dems, that is, who are dangerously different).

There’s precious little to choose between Labour and Tory on the economy, tax and public spending.

The real difference is that Labour has been in power for the past eight years and has a proven record of economic growth and stability.

If Labour wins today, it faces the challenge of maintaining that growth while freeing business and workers from the constraints of a government that has already grown too big and too controlling.

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have taken huge amounts of extra tax from us and have pumped billions more into public services.

There have been improvements in health and education, but they are honest enough to admit that there is still much to do.

Voters remain unconvinced that they are getting full value for their money. Without wholesale reform in the NHS and other services The Sun can’t see how that will change.

But would the Tories really do any better (forget the Lib Dems, they’d only make things worse)?

If you don’t vote at all, you’re wasting a very important right.

And you can hardly complain if you don’t like the politicians who’ll be in power this time tomorrow.

Compare with some of the stuff from yesterday's edition. Remember how it's an 'open secret' that Daily Mail writers get so exasperated at the angle they have to cover things, they go into outright Chris Morris subversion? (I personally saw one BBC ident described as 'a rave with ethnic minorities visibly among the heaving crowd'.)
This stuff is so strident, I fail to see how it can't be some Sun hack taking a piss out of Murdoch's editorial demands and the supposed thickness of the readership.
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