Vodex (vodex) wrote in murdoch_watch,

"Vote for the Lib Dems on Thursday and you could be signing a young person’s death warrant."


Protest peril

ON Thursday, many people who are put off Labour or the Tories may choose to make a protest vote.

But just how dangerous a vote for the Liberal Democrats would be is spelled out graphically by the Prime Minister on this page today.

Polls prove that few people realise just how extreme the Lib Dems’ policies are.

None is more threatening than the proposal to go soft on drugs.

Tony Blair rightly identifies the menace of drugs as the greatest worry for parents.

Vote for the Lib Dems on Thursday and you could be signing a young person’s death warrant.

They want to legalise cannabis and encourage users to grow it at home.

They also want to stop jailing addicts for possessing heroin, crack, cocaine and ecstasy — all drugs which can be lethal.

What sort of baffling message will that send to young people?

Labour tried to take a more liberal approach to cannabis but stopped its plans when it found evidence of a sharp rise in the use of hard drugs.

A Lib Dem government, should that nightmare ever come true, would signal that Britain is a haven for criminal gangs dealing in drugs.

Says Blair: "As a parent, I find such half-baked policies deeply disturbing."

The Sun couldn’t agree more.

On Saturday we reported the tragic case of soccer starlet John Courtney, killed by heroin before he could fulfil his promise in life.

Vote Lib Dem and there could be many like John.

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