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Former 'EastEnders' actor sues The Sun

Ex EastEnders actor Chris Parker has launched legal action against The Sun over a story it printed earlier this year. The 21-year-old, who played Spencer Moon, agreed to leave the soap in January after a failed suicide attempt last November. The Sun had reported that instead of leaving by mutual agreement, Parker was sacked after refusing to see the show's psychologist. Speaking today, Parker's solicitor, Jonathan Coad of Simkins, said that legal papers had been filed at the High Court in London. He added that an earlier attempt of calling for an apology had been rejected by the newspaper.

I hope he takes them to the f***ing cleaners. You may remember the usual "you're a poof aren't you?", "no I'm not, honest I'm not" routine from the tabloids - they could smell the fear he had over what headlines they would come up with. So he OD'd on paracetamol & slashed his wrists.

Below is the article (link to copy-and-paste), which was of course not true and widely pointed out at the time. But people forget, under the constant blur of celebrity guff, and the big inch-high letters are what sticks in the mind:

EASTENDER Chris Parker has been SACKED following his suicide scare. The troubled star, 21, got the boot after refusing to see the show's psychologist.

Bosses had given him indefinite leave and wanted him checked out before he returned to his role as Spencer Moon on BBC1. But Chris, who took painkillers and tried to slash his wrists, insisted he was okay. A show insider yesterday revealed: "Chris told producers he was keen to return because he was feeling much better. "They insisted he see the show psychologist first — but he refused, saying he was fine. But producers decided they do not feel confident that he should return full time."

Producers will write him out using scenes he shot BEFORE last month's suicide drama at the Marriott Hotel in Westminster, London. Chris was taken to St Thomas' Hospital. The incident came after lapdancer Lucie Clark claimed the pair invented a kiss-and-tell tale to quash rumours he is gay.

Scriptwriters are now reworking plots to include Spencer's hurried exit and his last on-screen appearance will be early next month. Chris, who came runner-up in the first series of Strictly Come Dancing, is the latest star to be axed by new EastEnders boss Kathleen "The Hatchet" Hutchison. She has already given marching orders to Dirty Den, the six Ferreiras and gangster Andy Hunter. An EastEnders spokeswoman said: "We'd like to thank Chris for all his hard work over the last two years and wish him the best of luck in the future." His lawyers denied 22-year-old Lucie's story — and Chris has strenuously denied he is gay.
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