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Murdoch saves £522 million in taxes

Link, which itself quotes an Observer article.

Rupert Murdoch last week floated his family's 3.8 billion-pound personal investment company in Bermuda - saving himself 522 million pounds in taxes.
Bermuda was chosen because the media tycoon, who chairs News Corporation, wanted to avoid the taxman after his firm changed domicile from Australia to the United States recently. Just prior to the Bermuda float, Murdoch bought a 20-room, three-floor residence opposite Central Park in Manhattan for 22 million pounds. Days later he bought a house in Beijing.

I particuraly like the comment "Well, supporting a war is one thing, paying for it is quite another I guess."

Meanwhile, in other news ( http://www.indiantelevision.com/headlines/y2k5/mar/mar172.htm)

It's been five years since media mogul Rupert Murdoch last visited India, and much has changed in the interim. The biggest of course being that the Star network, a distant number three in 2000, is today India's most powerful broadcast network by a good distance.
The rest of the article makes him sound like some modern-day imperialist Raj deigning to visit one of the colonies for some hands-on "leadership". Which, I suppose, is how he may see himself, even down to the extraction tube jammed into the economy's main artery...
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