Vodex (vodex) wrote in murdoch_watch,

Sun cover

I think it's time for a little audience feedback.

Should I/we put murdoch-paper front pages up, and if so, which ones?

Oh yeah, and any suggestions for improvement to the community description would be good too.
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I love that headline. It makes Jacko's pr0n stash sound a lot worse than it is, since teen = eightteen and above, much like the fine young ladies you'll find on page 3... Although the hypocrite crown still remains on the Daily Star's head for printing a damning article about the Brass Eye paedophile episode on the same page as a delightful public interest piece about how perky Charlotte Church's breasts were... She was 15 at the time. ;-)
How about the fact that Coleen, pictured in next-to-nothing on the right is actually 18?!
The filthy little whore! She's obviously 'asking for it'.

Sorry, I came over all "white van man" there for a second. ;-)